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Adjust A Wings – Hellion 1000W VS3 LED

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Adjust A Wing Hellion VS3 1000w Led Grow Light

It’s time for a lighting revolution! Enjoy enhanced plant control, more branching, denser flowers, and off-the-chart terpenes–all while saving on power! We’re adding four cutting-edge LED fixtures to our HELLION lighting range. Featuring the very latest LED and multi-driver technologies, the HELLION VS3 LEDs represent a whole new level of horticultural light quality, system efficiency, spectral adjustability, and canopy penetration power.


All Hellion VS3 LED fixtures incorporate 3K + 5K white diodes with 660nm Reds to produce a rich baseline full spectrum. Other “full spectrum” LEDs often use just one white diode type mixed with 660nm Reds and stop there. Combining our rich base (3K + 5K + 660nm) with Far-Red and UV-A diodes delivers a superior quality light, driving increased levels of photosynthesis and promoting higher quality crops.


Hellion VS3 LEDs offer growers a revolutionary new level of photomorphogenic control. With separate dimming for veg, bloom and UV, it’s easy to dial in the perfect spectrum for compact and vigorous vegetative growth, reducing stretch during transition, and piling on weight plus colour and flavour in bloom.


Most LED fixtures cut costs by using one single driver to run the entire fixture, inevitably compromising efficiency. The Hellion VS3 LEDs combine THREE separate drivers dedicated to veg, bloom and UV diodes, allowing new levels of system efficiency.


Adjust-A-Wings were never going to let you down in this department! Each light bar sits beneath its own micro-reflector, helping to channel photons towards the canopy with greater precision, focus and radiant intensity. No need for efficiency-sapping lenses.


Iterative control over light intensity has always been at the heart of Adjust-A-Wings’ growing philosophy. By mimicking natural, seasonal cues, plants are more effectively steered indoors to harmoniously and gradually move from one lifecycle phase to another with minimal stress. This all adds up to significant increases in both yield and crop quality

One of the most exciting features, common to all models, is the 3-channel control. Three separate drivers run VEG, BLOOM and UV diodes, meaning growers can produce stockier, more disease resistant mothers and juvenile plants, reduce stretch during transition, and increase biomass and essential oil production in flower.

Ingenious “micro-reflectors” sit on top of each light bar helping to channel and focus the intense light without resorting to the use of inefficient lenses.

All HELLION VS3 LEDs are equipped with 3 x independent channels (VEG, BLOOM, UV) for spectral diversity and control. The VEG channel is full-spectrum, rich in Blue. BLOOM is also full-spectrum, rich in Red + Far Red, and UV provides UVA + Near Blue for a fine finish!

250w = ppf 620 umol, bbf 650 umol
510w = ppf 1325 umol, bbf 1375 umol
700w = ppf 1850 umol, bbf 1925 umol
1000w = ppf 2700 umol, bbf 2800 umol


Adjust A Wings