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Many Grand Master Growers have found pH Perfect GROW, MICRO, BLOOM (GMB) from Advanced Nutrients is the only 3-Part formula on the market which meets all these criteria.

When researching Advanced Nutrients found that the majority of 3 part formulas are very generic and not made specifically for the types of plants it needed to be. Many include artificial dyes of an unknown amount and molecular structure which could harm your plants (instead of harmless, organic dyes)… they don’t have the right PPM or pH… they burn roots… they don’t feed plants the right nutrients leading to slow growth and reduced harvests… and they may contribute to other growing problems. The bottom line? They basically wreck crops and waste your garden’s potential!

Again due to many formulas being of a generic nature they do not contain the carrier molecules needed to transport the nutrient to where it needs to be. One of the most important ways pH Perfect Grow, Micro, Bloom gives you faster growth and bigger yields is through the special chelated  ingredients it contains that drive more of the nutrients in the formula into your plant faster than ever before.




Growth Phase

Week 1: 1ml per litre of each of Grow, Micro and Bloom
Week 2: 2ml per litre of each of Grow, Micro and Bloom
Weeks 3 & 4: 4ml per litre of each of Grow, Micro and Bloom


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Bottle size

1L, 4L