ARTS Bio Granules 1 kg Soil Treatment




Treatment and control of soil-dwelling harmful nematodes in potting soil & hydroponic systems
BIO-GRANULES is a purely natural product, pressed from the ripe seeds of the Neem tree. This dried extract has been used for centuries against the harmful nematodes living in the soil, but has no effect on beneficial insects living in the soil. BIO-GRANULES also accelerate root development and overall plant growth. It breaks the life cycle (egg and larval stages) of soil-dwelling harmful nematodes (Root-knot, Root lesion nematodes, cutworm, centipede, rough woodlouse, crane fly, carrot fly and Fungus gnat) and the springtails and root lice in the Hydro culture.

It is recommended to use the product BIO-GRANULES in combination with Aphids-0 in order to break the cycle well and for the best result. BIO-GRANLUES kills the eggs and the larvae and Aphids-0 the Fungus gnat (Sciaridae).


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