Autopot Auto 9 XL Complete




Auto 9 XL allows you to irrigate nine 25 litre solid XL pots in single tray and lid assembly measuring just over a square metre. All fed by a single line to a single valve. Cultivating with Auto 9 XL benefits growers in three key areas:

Growing Space

  • Maximises the available area
  • Ideal for moveable racks and rolling tables


  • Draws no more water than 9 single XL trays
  • Reduction in components = reduced maintenance duties

Plant Health

  • Unlike a large, single, flat tray the moulded base minimises standing water
  • Lid blocks light and debris from entering the tray

Minimum Reservoir Requirements

  • 1x Auto 9 XL – FlexiTank / FlexiTank Pro 100ltr
  • 2x Auto 9 XL – FlexiTank / FlexiTank Pro 225ltr
  • 4x Auto 9 XL – FlexiTank / FlexiTank Pro 400ltr
  • 8x Auto 9 XL – FlexiTank 750ltr
  • 10x Auto 9 XL – FlexiTank 1000ltr





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