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Protect your crops from overdosing or system failure
Enjoy peace of mind and complete your dosing system

You can use the Bluelab External Lockout and Alarm Box to connect your Bluelab Pro Controller to external switches.

When these switches are activated, the Bluelab Pro Controller will automatically be placed in lockout mode and no further dosing will occur until reset. This puts the safety of your plants first, so that they will be protected from overdosing in the event of a dosing system failure.

The Bluelab External Lockout and Alarm Box will allow you to create a complete dosing system, giving you peace of mind about the safety of your plants.

Product Features / Benefits

  1. Use to lockout the Pro Controller (inhibit dosing) with external switches
  2. Connect an external lockout sensor (eg float switch), which will stop all dosing, putting your plant safety first
  3. Integrate Pro Controller with an irrigation controller and pause dosing during feed-out
  4. Wire in the switch options yourself
  5. Pro Controller lockout can be activated with ‘normally open’ and ‘normally closed’ switches
  6. Add an external alarm (horn or flashing light) to your Pro Controller system for an audible alert system