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Buddy Blood – 50g

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Buddy Blood – 50g

Power up your plants with Buddy Blood for fuller fruits and flowers!

This extremely powerful PK booster actively promotes flower set production,. You’ll be amazed as flowering sites and overall yields increase dramatically!

Highly concentrated and amazing value, a 50g pack makes up 100 Litres. It’s perfect if you’re using an IWS Oxypot 4 and enough for 6-7 crops in an IWS Oxypot.

Buddy Blood is so easy to feed to plants via the roots – just mix with water and apply during early flowering.

• Hugely powerful PK booster
• Highly soluble and simple to use
• Excellent value for money – extremely concentrated
• Designed for early flowering
• Enhances flower set production
• Stimulates the formation of a range of organic compounds such as sugars, nucleic acids and phospholipids within your plants
• Multiplies flowering sites and massively increases yields
• NPK ratio of 0-39-25


Buddy Blood