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C-Result is a natural booster, accelerator, amplifier and problem solver for plants. C-Result searches for all the fertilisers in your substrate (soil, mapito, cocos, etc.) and brings them to the roots of your plants (fertiliser courier). Your plants will not be short of anything what results in:

* More yield and shorten the flowering phase by 1 week.
* Works as a growth accelerator for cuttings / seedlings and vitalises mother plants.
* Prevents problems and solves problems (yellow plants turn green again, repairs bad flowers / fruits, vitalises plants after insect and fungal pests).

C-Result only needs to be given once a month. Healthy Plants: first week of veg and fourth week of flower (when the first flowers appear). In case of stress, leaf problems and after insect pest: apply immediately. Mother plants: add once a month.


  1. Fill your water tank with water.
  2. Add your fertilizer (A + B and Boosters) to your water tank.
  3. Then add C-Result to your water tank (5ml C-Result per liter of water).
  4. Regulate your PH in your water tank.

C-Result is 100% natural and free from chemicals and hormones. Can be combined with all fertilisers. Overdose is not harmfull.



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