CAN Lite Carbon Filters

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CAN Lite Carbon Filters

These quality filters use the same rugged constrution techniques as the industry standard CAN Original filters but are filled with a more porous activated carbon.

The use of this carbon means that high flow rates can be acheived while making the filter much lighter and easy to install than standard CAN filters.

The carbon used is activated virgin granulated carbon, the filters are  triple vacuumed to remove all loose dust



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Can-Lite425 6” (150mm) – 350mm Long – 425m3/h, Can-Lite600 6” (150mm) – 475mm Long – 600m3/h, Can-Lite800 8” (200mm) – 330mm Long – 800m3/h, Can-Lite1000 8” (200mm) – 500mm Long – 1000m3/h, Can-Lite1500 8” (200mm) – 750mm Long – 1500m3/h, Can-Lite1000 10” (250mm) – 500mm Long – 1000m3/h, Can-Lite1500 10” (250mm) – 750mm Long – 1500m3/h, Can-Lite2500 10” (250mm) – 1000mm Long – 2500m3/h, Can-Lite3500 10” (250mm) – 1000mm Long – 3500m3/h, Can-Lite3000 12” (315mm) – 1000mm Long – 3000m3/h, Can-Lite3500 12” (315mm) – 1000mm Long – 3500m3/h, Can-Lite4500 12” (315mm) – 1000mm Long – 4500m3/h


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