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A professional root and growth stimulator designed to enhance root development, producing massive root growth and a robust healthy root zone. A large well-developed root system will lead to stronger, bigger plants and greater yields. Ryzo achieves this by stimulating the biological activity that occurs naturally within the root zone encouraging growth and development. Contains quality humates, seaweeds and amino acids, that have been blended together to produce this powerful root stimulant to not only give a better quality yield, but to act as a preventative from environmental stress. Can also be used as a foliar spray.

How to use:

Use as a rootzone additive, foliar feed and during propagation, veg and flower.

Use at 2ml/L throughout the entire duration of the plants life. For use during propagation, use at ml/L. Always use fresh, clean water. Please shake the bottle prior to use and check pH & EC levels.



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250ml, 1L, 5L, 10L


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