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pH Regulator: Correcting pH for Max Yield

pH+ is one of our pH regulators. The importance of keeping a balanced pH during your Grow and Bloom phase is essential to a healthy, happy plant. pH+ is designed specifically to increase the pH level during both the Grow and Bloom phase.

N-P-K: 0 – 0 – 13

*No PGRs are used in any of our products

Dutchpro Nutrients pH+ pH Regulator
pH: Critical for Best Results

pH is critical to having a great crop. By measuring your pH, growers will know if plants can uptake the nutrients.

Soil: Optimal pH 5.8 – 6.2.

Hydro/Coco: Optimal pH around pH 5.8, for optimal nutrient absorption.

*It is suggested to let your pH fluctuate occasionally because this allows certain elements to be absorbed slightly better than when the pH stays at a single pH rate.


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