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Flo Gro 500 Dripper System


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Flo Gro 500 Dripper System


Flo Gro Dripper System
Fully adjustable to suit the life stage of the plant. For growers cultivating mother plants or developing large specimen plants.

How it works
The Flo-Gro is a top flooding dripper system. Plants sit in a planter, filled with clay pebbles, placed above a nutrient solution tank. The water gets pumped up from the reservoir below, then the nutrient rich water gets distributed through the dripper ring and falls through the clay pebbles onto the plants roots and back into the reservoir below.
Complete kit comes with tank, planter, pump, delivery system, drip ring, drain/filter fitting, emptying tube, pH down and test kit and full instructions. Have a look at the instruction video below.


  • Grows a nice size plant
  • Ideal for a mother plant
  • Very easy to use and set up dripper systems
  • Comes as a complete hydro system



Feed Guide for Pebbles
Start 2 x 15 minute feeds per day
Veg 3-4 x 15 minute feeds per day
Flowering 3-4 x 15 minute feeds per day



Flo Gro


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Flo Gro 500 Dripper System

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