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GHE The AquaFarm®

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The ORIGINAL home hydroponics unit. Often copied, never equalled.

Invented more than 30 years ago in California by GH USA founder Lawrence Brooke, and still GHE’s best-selling home hydroponic system today, the Aquafarm®, and smaller format Waterfarm, have grown hundreds of thousands of healthy, happy and often huge plants around the world.

The Aquafarm® owes its longevity and success to the mix of performance and ease of use that the system offers. Quick to set up in any space from greenhouses to kitchens and balconies, Aquafarms® and Waterfarms® can be used to grow decorative and culinary plants of all sizes, from basil and other herbs to small trees.

Both systems work by using air to draw nutrient solution up from the reservoir, and dripping it back down through the clay pebble substrate and roots. This simple, reliable design is incredibly effective at delivering perfectly oxygenated nutrient solution to plants – exactly what’s needed for optimal growth and flowering, and two-part construction offers easy reservoir and root access, which can be difficult or impossible in many systems.

Now in version 3, boasting a range of improvements to component design, the AquaFarm® and WaterFarm® are:

• Roto-moulded in France from super tough and durable recycled plastic • Versatile, adaptable and expandable • UV and light shielded for root protection • Very low electricity consumption: less than 2w






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