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Base nutrients deliver what the plants need for luscious and robust growth, through all stages of development. Ultra MG compliments this with pure nitrogen and magnesium to enhance the production of chlorophyll, which is essential for photosynthesis and giving plants their green colour, for a truly professional Gold Label result.


Strong Plants


To further enhance the power of Ultra MG, we added trace elements and silicon to strengthen the plant, ready for the rapid growth phase it will go through.


Universal Applications


Ultra MG can be used on all substrates, systems and with any nutrient programme, but for the best results use alongside the full Gold Label product range.



Shake well before use.

Never mix pure nutrients together, always dilute in water.

Add 0.25ml – 0.5ml Gold Label Ultra MG per litre of water during the vegetative phase.

Add 0.5ml Gold Label Ultra MG per litre of water during the flowering phase.



Gold Label

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