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About Terpinator


Terpinator is the original terpene enhancing fertiliser additive designed to improve terpene concentration in your plants.

Terpinator is the result of years of trials by a dedicated team of professional cultivators who wanted just a bit more from their harvests. More taste, more aroma, and a higher potency – no matter the plant. They knew that the key to getting the results they were looking for was in the terpenes – the building blocks of the essential oils found in most plants and flowers.


Tested on farms throughout Sonoma and Mendocino counties in indoor, outdoor, and hydroponic scenarios, the team wasn’t satisfied until they felt that their plants had begun increasing their cultivar-specific terpene profile as much as possible, resulting in grows that had a marked increase in the “more” they’d been working towards: smell, taste, and potency. The first successful lot of Terpinator was launched in 2014, and has been used by serious cultivators ever since.

Terpinator is produced in Sonoma County, California by a team dedicated to quality and consistency; this ensures that every batch is made with the same level of care and precision as the first. We encourage all growers, new or experienced to try Terpinator and smell, taste, and feel the results first-hand – you’ll be glad you did!



A One-Of-A-Kind 4 Step Process

01. Transport

After application, Terpinator travels to plant cells in direct contact with the epidermal layer of the plant.


02. Stores

Terpinator is then stored in plant cells, and pushed into storage with the help of bioosmotic potentiators until ready for use.


03. Builds

Terpinator enhances plants ability to produce gland sites by being readily available as a building block for secondary metabolites.


04. Produces

By providing the necessary building blocks for secondary metabolites, trichome counts and productivity rapidly increases.



Using Terpinator

Directions of Use

TERPINATOR® can be used during the entire life cycle of the plant.

Vegetating phases of growth: Add 5–10 ml per gallon(US) of water.
Reproduction and fruit-set stages of growth: Add 10–30 ml per gallon(US) of water.

TERPINATOR® won’t burn and can be used with any growing media, fertiliser, or nutrient program. TERPINATOR® has a neutral pH.


Terpinator Grow Chart



Best Practices

Terpinator can be fed as frequently as every watering.
Safe for use in all fertiliser injectors
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight
All measurements are per gallon of water
DO NOT use as a foliar spray.

For deep water culture systems: change reservoir once every 3-5 days. Maintain aeration within the reservoir when using Terpinator




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