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Growth Technology Nitrozyme


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Nitrozyme is based upon a highly concentrated and purified extract of marine kelp. It is rich in growth-promoting compounds and has truly amazing effects on crop performance. Imported from Canada, Nitrozyme has been thoroughly tested by reputable organisations, on many commercial crops. Please ask us for the Nitrozyme Test Results Summary or click here to download the information.

Nitrozyme can be used as a foliar growth enhancer – misted across the foliage or it can be watered into the root zone.

An advanced blend of supplementary essential vitamins. Aids biological processes in plants. Use with any nutrients at all stages of plant growth.


  • Keeps plants nice and green
  • Use when plants are yellowing
  • Used in all mediums and hydro systems
  • Great foliar feed for cuttings
  • Pure organic




Growth Technology

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