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Hailea – HX8830

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Hailea – HX8830


Hailea HX-8830 3100lph water pump


These versatile high jet pumps have a wide range of applications and are fully immersible, plus can be used inline (outside water). All are supplied with clip on filter hoods.


The Hailea HX-8830 takes 19mm Pipe and is suitable for 100L tanks.




Ceramic shaft for fresh and sea water dual use (ideal for handling nutrient solutions).

Double water-cooled structure for rapid heat dissipation.

Super quality ABS plastic case, which is anti-alkali and anti-corrosive.

Mounted on suction cups for secure location.

Applications include pumping, oxygen supplying, wave making / pulse NFT, filtration.

These pumps are designed for continuous use


Precious high aluminum ceramic shaft,for fresh and sea water dual use.


Double water-cooled structure for rapid heat dissipation.


Adopts high quality resin to seal the winding and never leak electricity.


Super quality ABS plastic case , which is anti- alkali and anti-corrosive.


Strong sucker to fix pump intensively, which is never chapped.


It applies for straining water, oxygen supplying, wave making,


filtration, fountain.