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Growth Technology – Hanging Basket Focus – 300ml

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Growth Technology – Hanging Basket Focus


Get Beautiful Hanging Basket Displays

Improves water retention in hanging baskets

Reduces the detriment of drought and lack of nutrients

For use within all growing mediums

Hanging Basket Focus is a balanced mixture of key nutrients which help plants to increase growth and flowering.


What is the purpose of Hanging Basket Focus?


This solution provides the best balance of nutrients for perfect plant growth in hanging baskets. It includes organic growth enhancers in the form of seaweed, humic acid and fulvic acid. These encourage far more absorption which in turn will improve the growth rates of your plants.

Furthermore, this solution also has a particularly high rate of soil penetration. Hanging baskets are prone to drying out, this solution significantly reduces the chance of this happening. It utilises the latest Hydroburst technology. Therefore ensuring that your entire hanging basket is completely wet, giving plants the best environment for growing.



Who can use Hanging Basket Focus?


This solution is extremely easy to use and can be used within all growing mediums. Start by mixing 10ml per litre of water, then repeat this for every watering. However, remember to not allow your hanging baskets to dry out.



Hanging Basket Focus Dosage, Specifications & Guidance

Dosage: 10ml per 1 litre of water

For use within hanging baskets, tubs, containers and window boxes within any growing medium.

When using, always wear suitable PPE

Shake bottle before use

Available in 1 litre sized containers.


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