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HortiOne 190W LED Grow Light

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HortiOne 190W LED Grow Light Product Details:

Austrian based HortiOne GmbH offer the new HortiOne 190w LED Grow Light, which has an efficiency of 2,7 µmol! The super bright fixture uses high quality SEOUL & OSRAM LED Diodes powered by a Meanwell Driver.

With a 2 year warranty the 190w LED Grow Light is dimmable ready and features a new wire strain relief to take the pressure away from connection points on the LED board mount. When dimming the fixture the efficacy will increase up to 3.0µmol/J!

Other benefits of the HortiOne 190W LED Grow Light fixture include:

  • Homogen light distribution
  • 50.000 hours Lifetime until 90% light output is reached
  • 45° Angled Reflector
  • Supports diffuse light
  • Low power consumption
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Resistant against Sulfur and VOCS
  • 576 MID-POWER LEDS – Seoul Semiconductor (SSC) 3030C – 3500k
  • 16 x OSRAM OSLON Hyper red 660nm

A 600 W HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamp can be replaced  (based on PPF) with 2x hortiONE 592 with a total consumption of just 380W