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IWS Standard System with 25 Litre – Flexi Tank


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IWS Standard System with 25 Litre – Flexi Tank


How IWS Flood and Drain hydroponic systems work.

At the set times solution is pumped from the water butt into each pot allowing the plants to feed and pushing out air. Floats ensure the same level of solution rises into every pot.

When the solution drains from the pots fresh air is pulled into the root zone. The drained solution is pumped back to the water butt, re-balancing the pH and EC.

Because stale air is replaced with fresh oxygen-rich air at every feed the roots are well oxygenated which drives more productive growth.

Drainage is excellent with this grow system, so it is important to remember to increase the amount of feeds as the plants grow.

Pot Stands Copper Disc Inserts Remote Timer
Flood & Drain Std No No No
Flood & Drain Pro Yes Yes Yes
Flood & Drain Remote Yes Yes Yes



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IWS System With Flexi-tank - 25 Litre

6 Pot – 250 Litre Flexi Tank, 12 Pot – 400 Litre Flexi Tank, 18 Pot – 750 Litre Flexi Tank, 24 Pot – 750 Litre Flexi Tank, 36 Pot – 750 Litre Flexi Tank