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Philips MASTER GreenPower 600W 400V E40 HPS

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Philips MASTER GreenPower

Plus 600W/400V EL lamp

The HSE 600W system comes with the Philips MASTER GreenPower Plus electronic High Pressure Sodium lamp with high growth light efficiency. The Philips MASTER GreenPower Plus lamp uses Philips 400V glasshouse technology. The HSE 600W ballast has been especially designed to run this lamp in domestic lighting systems. The ceramic discharge tube uses Philips Integrated Antenna (PIA) for long lifespan and sustained light output. This ensures you get the same high yields and crop quality throughout the lamp’s lifespan.

Key features:

  • 400V glasshouse technology for higher PAR output
  • High red light output essential for plant growth
  • PAR output (PPF): 1190 μmol/s
  • Colour temperature 1960K


High-intensity discharge lamps (HID lamps) are a type of electrical gas-discharge lamp which produces light by means of an electric arc between tungsten electrodes housed inside a translucent or transparent fused quartz or fused alumina arc tube.

HID lamps have made indoor gardening practical, particularly for plants that require high levels of direct sunlight in their natural habitat; HID lamps, specifically metal halide and high-pressure sodium, are a common light source for indoor gardens. They are also used to reproduce tropical intensity sunlight for indoor aquaria.