Maxibright 600 Watt Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp


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Maxibright Dual Spectrum 600W HPS Lamp Product Details

Delivering 10% more light than other standard HPS Lamps the new Maxibright Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp is super value for money. Used throughout all stages of growth the lamps and is fully compatible with both magnetic and digital ballasts.

Maxibright Dual Spectrum 600W HPS Lamp benefits include:

  • Lowered and over driven power levels ensure a stable photonic enhanced spectrum
  • More energy providing increasing photosynthesis
  • Works with both digital and magnetic ballasts
  • Designed effectively to avoid excess heat
  • 10% more light provided than standard hps lamps
  • Can be used in both vegetative and flowering stages
  • 90,000 Lumens output




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