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Mountain Air Carbon Filters


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MountainAir Filters are a range of filters which have been designed to give maximum quality and perfomance as well as durability. No other filter has been able to last more than 3 years of constant use, so you can be assured it will give you long lasting odour control. Its simple functionality contains complex interior designs using the most unique materials. MountainAir Filters require little maintenance and reduce noise levels considerably ensuring an effective and efficient growing cycle. They also offer superior air flow when compared to normal filters, due to the vey low density but yet high mechanical strength of ‘activated’ carbon used, which in turn gives better results and peace of mind. MountainAir Filters are extremely economical – the bigger the size the more economical it operates – giving you a huge saving and more value for money.


Mountain Air

Additional information

Carbon filter size

100mm (4“) – 400mm Long – 310m3/h
, 125mm (5”) – 500mm Long – 500m3/h, 150mm (6”) – 500mm Long – 575m3/h, 150mm (6”) – 1000mm Long – 1135m3/h, 200mm (8”) – 500mm Long – 740m3/h, 200mm (8”) – 1000mm Long – 1615m3/h
, 250mm (10”) – 800mm Long – 1870m3/h
, 250mm (10”) – 1000mm Long – 2380m3/h 
, 315mm (12”) – 800mm Long – 2293m3/h 
, 315mm (12”) – 1000mm Long – 2870m3/h