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Nano 10⁻⁹ – Flower start+


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Nano 10⁻⁹ flower start⁺

Give your plants a balanced ratio of phosphorus and potassium for an efficient transition to the flowering period. We included botanical ingredients to relieve stress during the switch from veg to flower.

Nano iron

Nano iron can be uptaken by the plant without expending energy. Nano iron also increases the levels of photosynthesis in your plant, giving the plant more energy for growth and flowering.

Nano magnesium

Magnesium is the central molecule in chlorophyll. The more magnesium you can provide your plants, the more chlorophyll can be created, increasing plant energy.

Nano calcium

Nano calcium increases cell wall strength, providing protection from pests like spider mites and allowing your plant to support heavy fruits.

The transformation your plants undertake when they change from vegetative to generative (flowering) growth is the most dramatic and demanding process your plants will go through. Giving them the best chance of success is pivotal to getting the highest yields, the best quality and the most potent aroma’s genetically possible.

nano.10⁻⁹ flower start⁺ has several methods of giving your plants the best start to the generative phase. A specific ratio of phosphorus and potassium at this early stage indicates your plants are entering a generative phase. This ‘indication’ is acted upon by various hormones within the plant to slow down vegetative growth and increase the flowering hormone, florigen(1).*

nano.10⁻⁹ flower start⁺ contains nano-calcium, nano-magnesium and nano-iron. If you research Mulder’s nutrient interaction chart, you will see that calcium is antagonistic (works against) potassium, magnesium and especially phosphorous. These interactions occur when nutrients dissolve in the solution (water). Therefore, the addition of nano calcium and nano magnesium, which are suspended and do not interact with other nutrients, allows free passage of all nutrients into your plants’ system. Allowing these nutrients to be freely available to your plant during the transition gives them the best chance of success throughout flowering.

We included nano-iron for enhanced chlorophyll and energy production. Nano iron is the flagship nanoparticle in the range due to the visible effect on plant growth. During the flowering period, having the most efficient light capture system is fundamental to getting the highest yields. The efficiency of your plant can be determined by how green the leaves are. The greener the leaves (to a degree), the more chlorophyll has been packed into the leaf, and the more light the leaf can capture. More light capture leads to increased energy. The extra energy allows heavier yields, better quality and the strongest aroma’s genetically possible!

*Florigen is the hypothesised hormone-like molecule responsible for controlling and triggering flowering in plants.

(1) Tsuji, H. (2017). Molecular function of florigen. Breeding Science, 67(4), 327–332. https://doi.org/10.1270/jsbbs.17026


Nano 10⁻⁹

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