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Oceana Root Boost Fertiliser


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A mild and gentle natural Root hormone to promote growth, helping develop a healthy root system with added elements and minerals.Can be used all year round, especially during re-potting season, which helps eliminate plant stress.

Natural root hormone derived from kelp, vitamin B1 Composition – kelp and seaweed, blood meal, bone meal, rapeseed meal, linseed meal, fish meal, cocoa shell meal.

Some of the key elements to Oceana Root Boost is the fact you can use it right away as you are repotting. The benefits of this is that the microbial release is almost immediately available.

By using Oceana Root Boost and Oceana Boost in conjunction with each other You are providing your trees with the best possible recovery time.

Fish Hydrolysate generates enzyme activity within the soil medium to assist in the breakdown of dead root matter and compost turning organic matter it into soluble nutrients ready to be  absorb via the roots, in turn allowing longer periods between repotting.

It has been proven longer periods between repotting helps with shorter internodes & greater ramification of a trees secondary and tertiary branch structure.



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