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ONA Gel is a complex mix of essential odour neutralising oils, suspended in a polymer gel. The essential oils are organically sourced from plants throughout the world, producing a natural, odour neutraliser. Open the ONA Gel lid to disperse the ONA particles into the air and neutralise any airborne odours. This results in a pleasant fragrance being left in place of the odours occupying the room. The odour neutralising molecules disperse through natural evaporation, ensuring every drop of product is fully optimised. This regulates the lifetime of the product and ensures you do not use more than is necessary.



ONA Gel Provides True Neutralisation

Unlike air fresheners, this is not a masking agent but a true odour neutraliser. The result is a completely fresh smelling atmosphere that will remain as long as there are no more odour particles entering the space. If the source of odour persists then the ONA Gel use should continue. Don’t be fooled by imitations that are appearing in the market. This is the undisputed and original odour neutraliser, serving the hydroponics industry since 1995.


There are 3 types of mechanisms involved in neutralisation of odours molecules:


First, electrostatic and molecular forces cause ONA molecules to attract and bond with odour molecules – this is adsorption.



Absorption occurs when an ONA molecule soaks up an odour molecule, which neutralises the odour as a result.

Chemical Reaction

When a chemical reaction occurs, the combined ONA and odour molecules react and change to create a neutral compound, thereby eliminating the odour.

Instructions for use:

Open the lid and leave the ONA Gel to naturally disperse for as long as the odour is present. We recommend occasionally shaking the jar to agitate the contents. To regulate the lifetime of the ONA Gel, pour a portion of the gel into a suitable container. Once the ONA Gel has been used, top up with more product. This will ensure you are not using more product than is necessary.

Utilise the ONA Breeze fan to treat larger areas or stronger odours. Attach the ONA Breeze fan to the top of your 732g, 3.27Kg or 3.8Kg jar. This will increase the dispersion of ONA, but please note this will all increase consumption rate. In extremely large areas use the 20Kg ONA Gel with the ONA Cyclone fan. This heavy duty fan has 5 speed settings to provide odour control for up to 5,000 square feet.


ONA Gel Scents

ONA Gels are available in Fruit Fusion, Apple Crumble, PRO, Fresh Linen, Polar Crystal, Tropics


Available in 428g Jars (6 per case), 732g Jars (6 per case), 3.27Kg Jars (4 per case), 3.8Kg Pails (4 per case) and 20Kg Pails.




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400g, 732g, 3.27kg Jar, 3.8kg Pail, 20kg


PRO, Apple Crumble, Fresh Linen, Polar Crystal, Tropics, Fruit Fusion