Plant Magic Catalyst


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Improves disease resistance and powers growth spurts

Super-concentrated organic seaweed extract enhanced with vitamins, trace elements and amino acids.

Concentrated seaweed extract to kickstart root and shoot growth in the first 4 weeks of an organic grow schedule.


• Improves seed germination

• Encourages rapid, powerful growth in roots and shoots

• Increases protein, carbohydrate and chlorophyll production

• Increases root bioactivity


100% organic seaweed extract.
Nitrogen (N) 0.1%

Phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5) 0.2% (0.1%P)

Potassium oxide (K2O) (1.0%K)

Magnesium oxide (MgO) 0.5%

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Product Instructions

How to use:

• Shake well before use.

• Drench: Use 1-2 ml per litre

• Seed soaking: Use 2 ml per litre, soak seeds for 24 hours prior to propagation

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Plant Magic

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125ml, 250ml, 1L


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