Plant Magic Oldtimer Bloom

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A pioneering organic feed, designed for fruit and flower production

As well as having the correct proportion of NPK to ensure a healthy crop right through to harvest, this special formula will also feed beneficial fungi and micro-organisms


Oldtimer Bloom

An organic feed for unbeatable taste and flavour. Feeds plants, beneficial fungi and micro-organisms in the growing medium.


Benefits include:

• Natural flavours

• Increased yields

• Improved plant health

• Increased soil micro-population

• Increase in aromas


UK – Organic Compound Fluid Fertiliser 3.0-5.0-4.0


Total Nitrogen 3.0%

Phosphorous Pentoxide (P2O5) 5.0 (2.2%P)

Phosphorous Pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water 5.0(2.2%P)

Potassium oxide (K2O) 4.0 (3.3%K)

Iron (Fe) chelated by EDTA soluble in water 0.03%

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Product Instructions

How to use:

• Shake well before use

• Use 2 – 5 ml per litre

• For best results use with Oldtimer Organic PK 4-8

• For more detailed instructions, see our Organic Grow Schedule


Plant Magic

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1L, 5L


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