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Plant Magic Platinum – Premium PK


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Massively increases yield and improves aroma, flower structure, flavour and appearance.

Highly complex PK booster which massively increases yield and improves aroma, flower structure, flavour and appearance.


Heavier yields, stronger aroma, enhanced aroma and better flower structure! Quite simply the best possible finish for a crop.

This unique flowering stage blend is enriched with bio-stimulants, sulphur and nitrogen.

  • Phosphorous and Potassium – increase flower production
  • Sulphur – speeds up photosynthesis
  • Nitrogen – maintains plant health
  • Bio-stimulants – feeds root-zone microbes and fungi, reduces nutrient loss to run-off, breaks nutrients down to improve uptake of all essential elements

The result?  

The BioStimulants in this PK Booster are by far the best we have ever come across. They feed the microbes and fungi in the roots, break nutrients down to make them easier for the roots to take-up and in compost and soil they increase Cation Exchange Capacity (when growing in compost / soil).

The Sulphur in Platinum PK 9-18 speeds up Photosynthesis and the uptake of phosphorus and assists in the building of proteins and Amino Acids. It all adds up to stunning results.

We advise the use of Magne-Cal + alongside Platinum PK 9-18.

Completely soluble, can be used in soil, coco, pebbles and hydroponic systems.

N 2.6%
P 9%
K 18%.

Product Instructions

How to Use

In Hydro, Soil and Coco applications:

Week 4: 0.25ml per litre
Week 5: 0.3ml per litre
Week 6: 0.4ml per litre

Week 7: 0.5ml per litre

Week 8: 0.5ml per litre

We recommend the use of Magne-Cal + alongside Platinum.



Plant Magic

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120ml, 300ml, 600ml, 1.2L