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Plant Magic Plus Hydro Bloom Nutrients Hardwater


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Specially developed for hydroponic growers to promote fast growing, high yielding, healthy fruit and flowering crops.


For bigger and better tasting hydroponic crops. Prevents lock-out and deficiencies. This hydroponic nutrient is enrished with secondary nutrients along with a full compliment of trace elements and is unique for all types of hydroponic system or soil-less medium.

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N 4.1% 3.7%
P 3.8% 3.7%
K 6.6% 6.5%

Product Instructions

How to use:

  • Always shake well before use
  • Always add equal amounts of A & B separately to the required amount of water
  • As a guide, 3ml to 5ml per litre will give your target EC from the grow schedule (background water hardness will affect EC levels)
  • Mix in thoroughly and use calibrated measuring equipment to measure your EC values
  • Adjust pH to 5.5-6.0

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