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Plant Magic Plus Hydro Grow Nutrients Hardwater


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This product contains a balanced nutrient profile for all hard and soft water areas

Our Hydro Grow produces fast growing, high yielding, healthy fruit and flowering crops.


Specially developed to promote fast growing, high yielding, healthy fruit and flowering crops. Enhanced with secondary nutrients and a full compliment of trace elements is unique for plants growing in all types of hydroponic system or soil-less medium, stopping lock-out or deficiencies.

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N 3.5% 3.4%
P 3.2% 3.3%
K 5.5% 5.5%

Product Instructions

How to use:

  • Always shake well before use
  • Always add equal amounts of A & B separately to the required amount of water
  • As a guide, 1ml to 3ml per litre will give your target EC from the grow schedule (background water hardness will affect EC levels)
  • Mix in thoroughly and use calibrated measuring equipment to measure your EC values
  • Adjust pH to 5.5-6.0

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