Plant Vitality Natural Plant Wash – 240ml



Tackles Spidermites and Restores the Health of Your Plants

PV Natural Plant Wash tackles spider mites with natural ingredients and even eliminates the damage that’s left behind after a pest infestation, helping to restore plants back to full health.

  • Formulated with natural ingredients
  • Tackles spider mites, broad mites
  • Restores plants back to full health
  • Helps to keep your indoor garden productive after an infestation
  • Used every 3 – 5 days after removing pests
  • Used at 6.0ml – 12.0ml per litre – makes up to 10 litres of spray solution!

Plant Vitality Natural Plant Wash is known in the USA as ‘Green Cleaner’. See the video below for more information.


PV Natural


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