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Rhino Pre Filter Sleeves


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The Pre Filter bands are elasticated and are used to stop the pre filter from moving on the filter


  • Factory fresh pre-filter
  • Captures all larger airborne particles
  • Clean pre-filter extends carbon filters life
  • A dirty pre-filter sleeve will reduce airflow rates
  • Keeps things looking nice and clean!

Everyone love the site of a clinically clean grow room. Having a dirty pre-filter on your carbon filter not only looks disgusting, but it can negatively affect your filters performance as well! As it is possible to hand wash these pre-filters, you can get quite a decent life span out of them. However, for the sake of a few quid, you can easily save yourself that chore and get a factory fresh one every time.


The carbon filter sleeve is quite a crucial part of a fully working carbon filter. It is necessary to trap all the larger particles of dust and contaminates before they get inside the carbon bed of the filter itself, and clog everything up. Once the carbon filter begins to get blocked with these large particles, the rate of air flow through the filter will drop and as a result you may not have the ideal environment that you are used to.

Once the pre-filter sleeve gets dirty and full of dust/particles, it will begin to put a strain on the fan’s motor and resultant sir flow rates. So, when you see it getting dirty, don’t just leave it there! It’s easy to overlook something that seems as trivial as having a clean carbon filter sleeve, but if you want to have a fully functioning extraction system, it is an essential! Always keep a fresh one spare, so you can get it changed as soon as it’s needed.




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4" (100mm) – 300mm Long – 350m3/h, 5" (125mm) – 300mm Long – 500m3/h, 6" (150mm) – 300mm Long – 600m3/h, 6" (150mm) – 600mm Long – 900m3/h, 8" (200mm) – 400mm Long – 800m3/h, 8" (200mm) – 600mm Long – 1125m3/h, 10" (250mm) – 600mm Long – 1420m3/h, 10" (250mm) – 1000mm Long – 1900m3/h, 12" (315mm) – 600mm Long – 2440m3/h, 12" (315mm) – 1000mm Long – 3250m3/h, 12" (315mm) – 1200mm Long – 3250m3/h