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See Ya Mite – 500ml

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See Ya Mite – 500ml


The 100% Organic and Highly Effective Control for Spider Mites!

See Ya Mite utilises the power of essential oils for a highly effective means of controlling Spider Mites. Chemical pesticides can leave nasty substances on your plants that you probably wouldn’t want to ingest. On top of that they often have a dubious impact on the environment such as being toxic to bees and aquatic life. See Ya Mite draws on the rediscovery of the startling effectiveness of natural essential oils for controlling one of the most destructive and common-place indoor garden pests.


Supplied in a ready-to-use spray bottle

Impressively effective at controlling spider mite infestations

Also helps to control powdery mildew

Nourishes your plants with a mild nutrient

100% Organic ingredients

Completely safe and leaves no residue

Use every 15 days to prevent re-infestation


Your choice of size (500ml or 1 Litre) of See Ya Mite ready-to-use spray


How See Ya Mite Works:

Spider mites are the bain of indoor plant growers everywhere. When they feed they suck the juice out of plant leaves leaving visible small dots. Spider mite populations can multiply at an astonishing rate. In the space of a week or two, a few mites can reproduce to create an infestation in the number of hundreds. En masse, spider mites can wreak absolute havoc on a plant, causing a huge loss in eventual yields. Warm & dry conditions are when infestations tend to be at their worst.

Many insects, including spider mites, are absolutely repulsed by the presence of certain essential oils. By applying a dilute solution of these oils to plants, spider mites will leave in their droves. Any that remain have their nervous systems compromised which has such effects as making them to “forget” to eat and reproduce etc. The blend of oils in See Ya Mite has been especially formulated to be incredibly effective at repelling and compromising spider mites. See ya might leaves no residues that could clog up stomata. In fact, spraying your plants with See Ya Mite will also control powdery mildew whilst also providing your plants with a mild feed to help with their recovery. See Ya Mite contains only 100% natural, organic ingredients and is safe to use on all types of crop.


How to use See Ya Mite:

See Ya Mite is a foliar spray which comes ready-to-use in its own spray bottle. Foliar sprays should only be applied to plants in low light-levels. High intensity light hitting wet leaves can cause burning. For this reason it is best to spray plants at the beginning of the lights-off period when the main grow light has just gone out. This gives the liquid in the spray plenty of time to evaporate and dry before the main grow light comes back on again.

Spray the whole of your plants from top to bottom ensuring that the tops (and particularly the undersides) of all leaves are thoroughly wetted. Spider mites mostly inhabit the bottoms of leaves so make sure that these parts of the plant are not missed. We would advise caution when spraying during flowering as this may encourage certain molds. Allow plenty of time for plants to dry before your main grow-light comes back on again.


Repeat the treatment with See Ya Mite every 15 days to ensure your garden remains infestation-free