SMS Twin Controller MK11

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The SMSCOM Twin Controller MK2 is a very compact, yet very complete ventilation controller for 2 fans with a maximum current of 4.5 or 7 Amps. The SMSCOM Twin Controller MK2 is electronically controlled and provides a simple, accurate method for the correct temperature of your room. The SMSCOM Twin Controller MK2 continuously regulates the correct speed for your fans and reserves the right temperature. In and / or exhaust fans can be connected at any power outlet.

– Electronic, precise climate control.
– Minimum and maximum fan speed adjustable.
– 5 meters NTC temperature sensor included.
– Spare fuse included.
– Available in 4.5 amperes and 7 amps.




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4.5 Amp, 7 Amp, 14 Amp


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