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Frosty Nugs™ is specially formulated to produce beneficial results for all phases of plant growth. The high levels of sulfur make this an extremely effective flushing agent. Frosty Nugs is very effective in both Soil and Hydroponic gardens. Use in conjunction with Success Nutrients plant food and supplements.

Nutrient Composition

(S) Sulfur
• Needed for formation of proteins
• Essential in respiration and lipid metabolism
• Improves plant flavor

(Mg) Magnesium
• Necessary for functioning or activating enzymes that produce sugar
• Structural component of chlorophyll needed to capture suns energy
• Necessary for (P) phosphorus uptake
• Helps in cell division and protein formation

Directions for use: Use with every watering during both Vegetative and Flowering growth cycles. Mix well and adjust pH accordingly. Shake well before each use.


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