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Tribus Original


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Tribus® Original

Micro Organisms, MACRO Yields®


Tribus® Original is a highly concentrated blend of three growth-promoting rhizobacteria that can be used with organic or conventional growing pactices to increase crop quality and quantity from seedling through harvest in any type of cultivation system.

These bacteria work symbiotically with the plant by producing enzymes and other biochemicals that maximize nutrient availability and uptake, improving root and stem growth and increasing the plant’s growth rate and yield.

Tribus® Original can be used on seedlings + clones and can be applied up to the day of harvest. Tribus® Original is an All-In-One; it’s the only microbial product you need to use on any plant that you’re growing. As long as it has roots, Tribus will help!



4 billion CFU/ml
Bacillus subtilis

2 billion CFU/ml
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

4 billion CFU/ml
Bacillus pumilus

• Plant growth promotion
• Improved resilience in field soils
• Fast + prolonged nutrient mobilization
• Better stand establishment
• Higher yields
• Restore soil health



Consortia: Tribus® Original is a combination of three growth-promoting bacteria that work synergistically to promote aggressive plant growth. Together, these bacteria mobilize locked-out and soil-bound nutrients that are otherwise unavailable to the plant and encourage root growth for greater nutrient and water uptake.

Efficacy: From the field to the greenhouse, Tribus® promotes rapid plant growth in ways traditional inputs can’t. The high concentration of bacteria ensures efficacy even at extremely low application rates, and the nutrient-mobilizing capabilities of Tribus means that most farmers can fertilize less and yield more while improving their soil quality for years to come.

Persistence: The bacteria in Tribus® have each other’s backs. On top of their endospore-forming ability, which helps them stick to soil particles instead of washing-out and helps them survive fluctuations in pH, water and nutrients, and temperatures, each species of bacteria in Tribus® help each other thrive in the root zone. This means that Tribus continues to work in complex field-soil ecosystems where other inoculants lose efficacy almost immediately after application.

Universal: Tribus® can be tank-mixed and applied with all types of fertilizers, biostimulants, other beneficial microorganisms, and even most pesticides to save you time and effort. Because Tribus® is highly salt- and pH-tolerant, you don’t have to worry about losing efficacy when mixing with strong fertilizers. Plus, Tribus® is free-flowing, so it won’t clog injectors, drip lines, or hydroponic systems. Ever.

Tribus can be used to increase the yield and quality of just about any plant!



Applictions: Hydroponic, soilless, or soil based container growing applications; agricultural (field)

Application rates (container):

Lite: 0.5 mL/gallon (3.8 Litres) of nutrient solution
Recommended: 1 mL/gallon (3.8 Litres) of nutrient solution
Heavy: 2 mL/gallon (3.8 Litres) of nutrient solution
Frequency: Use at least once per week or as frequently as every watering

Application rates (field): 

Lite: 0.5 L / Acre
Recommended: 1 L / Acre
Heavy: 2 L / Acre
Frequency: 2-4 applications per month



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