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Veg + Bloom Stackswel


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bigger leafs, fatter stems, faster growth

Stackswell is a special blend of humic acids, calcium sugars and magnesium – these are the foundation for your plants diet – encouraging faster growth bigger growth and fatter stems.

Bigger leafs, Fatter Stems, Faster Growth.

What is Stackswell? It’s a super concentrated growth powder. Itcanbeusedbythegramforreservoirsormixedintoa concentrate for dosers and fertigation systems.

Stackswell is a Cation Exchange enhancer and Root and shoot growth stimulator.

1gram per 4L from the start of growth to the end of week 2 of flower
no need for any other Cal Mag when using Stackwell


Veg + Bloom

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450g – 1lb, 1kg – 2.2lb, 2.27kg – 5lb, 11.34kg – 25lb